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Ralph Hutto reminds everyone of Memorial Day services at Ralph Stout Park

By Ralph Hutto, Johnson County Veterans’ Service Officer

I would like to address the C&P (Compensation & Pension) exam that is required by the VA when you file a claim. You will be scheduled for an examiner to ask you questions about your disability that you are claiming. He also may give you an examination for this. There are certain criteria that they are looking for. Examples are questions about how the claimed disability happened. I tell veterans that they need to get all the medical records from their military service that will document their claim. Letters, notes or a statement from someone that knew you back when you were in the military will help a lot. We have access to these exam forms that the examiner has to fill out here at the office. If you need a copy of this form call me at 727-7929 and tell me what your C&P is for and I will try and get you one ready to pick up. Another thing is that these examiners are required to have these in your medical file within three days of your exam. You can go down to the records office in the basement of Mountain Home and request that you be mailed a copy of this C&P when it is put in your file. Review it and if you find anything wrong, bring it to our attention right away and we will send in a statement reporting this, so that when your claim is adjudicated your complaint will be in their hands.

Memorial Day is coming up, and The Johnson County Honor Guard will be holding their Memorial Day service. It you have never been to one of these services, you should try and attend. All of our local veterans that have passed during the past year will be honored by having their names read aloud. The Honor Guard always does a bang-up job. We need more members for the Honor Guard, most all of the present members are getting along in age and a lot have medical problems that keep them from doing what they want to do, honoring their fellow veterans. If you would like to become a member, you can call us here, and we will get you in touch with the proper person. There is no charge for membership in the Honor Guard, but you are required to be a member in good standing of The American Legion or the VFW. Uniforms and training are furnished at no charge. The Honor Guard meets at the American Legion on Church Street the third Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. Give them a try.

As Johnson County’s Veteran Service Officer, I have been very fortunate to know most of the veterans of Johnson County, and most all of them have a story to tell. I have heard a lot of them, and we are blessed with a lot of heroes that don’t want anyone to know it. All veterans are heroes in that they gave their time to defend our freedom. This Memorial Day, be sure that you thank the veterans for their service. They may not show it, but this means a lot to them. And think of all the veterans that didn’t come back, or came back missing a limb or that suffer from the horror of what they have seen and been through. Remember their loved ones too that took care of things while the veteran was away. May you all have a Great Memorial Day!