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Rain no deterrent for Trick-or-Treat

Emmett Johnson and Ethan Wilson starting off their Halloween night at the First Christian Church, where all the Halloween activities had to be moved indoors due to weather.

By Beth Cox
Freelance writer

The weather forecast for Halloween was as scary as Freddie and Jason joining the Purge. The threat of impending storms, rain, and wind hitting Johnson County led many churches, banks, businesses, and schools to cancel or make alternative plans for all of the Halloween activities. However, the community was still able to give trick-or-treaters a fun-filled, safe Halloween night.
Several churches were packed to capacity as the little, and big kids searched out the best candy to fill their bags. First Christian Church of Mountain City moved their Halloween festivities to the Life Center, and many other churches followed the same plans while others braved the outdoors so the trick-or-treaters could continue their Halloween plight.
Johnson County High School was also another Halloween venue for families who wanted a candy land of goodies for their kids. Many of the high school’s groups and organizations took part in the trick-or-treat fun, going more for the treat and staying away from the trick as Mother Nature had already taken care of that portion of the evening with the rain and wind. The lines were out the front door well past the eight o’clock cut off time. Once inside, the kids were treated to popcorn, cotton candy, and tables of the best candy in town. Faculty and students did not miss a beat in the endeavors of passing out candy to a little Spider Man or small version of Wonder Woman, who demonstrated some of her incredible powers in making candy disappear at a rapid pace. Senior Taylor Parsons enjoyed handing out candy to the kids, “I love volunteering just to see the kids’ faces light up as they get a bucket full of candy. It meant a lot to see that many people come out.”
At the end of the night, the kids may have gotten a little wet, and candy may have been a bit soggy due to the consistency of the rain falling throughout the evening, but many were satisfied with their Halloween delight, munching down on their candy as they headed home. Parents were content as they put their little vampires, sweet little cowgirls, or even a Buzz Lightyear to bed, knowing they had gone to “infinity and beyond” for their little ones to have a successful and safe Halloween experience; rain and all.