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Rain does not dampen the 'Town That Wouldn't Drown' celebration

By: Marlana Ward
Freelance Writer
A drizzly start could not stop the Town that Wouldn’t Drown as family and fans of Butler, TN celebrated the 26th annual Old Butler Days August 8th and 9th.  
Old Butler Days is an annual celebration allowing folks to reminisce about their lives in Old Butler as well as teach visitors the rich history of the town.  Featuring a museum with artifacts from the original town, live music performed on stage, a variety of foods, as well as local vendors offering their wares, Old Butler Days appeals to a wide array of visitors each year.
Though Friday’s skies were cloudy and rain fell intermittently throughout the day, the smiling faces of the men and women hosting the event kept spirits and enthusiasm high for the celebration.  Saturday’s abundance of sunshine was a welcome sight as more people journeyed into the past and enjoyed time visiting with friends.
The W.S. Stout General Store was open and visitors were greeted by knowledgeable guides eager to share stories about the store’s history and tidbits of insider information.  The store’s displays of typical wares sold at the store from its establishment in the 1930’s made visitors feel as though they had stepped into the past.  Benches on the front porch of the store provided an optimal viewing area of the event grounds and an ideal location for catching up with neighbors and friends.
The Butler Museum was buzzing with activity as visitors walked through the many intricate displays featuring memorabilia gathered from the town of Old Butler as well as artifacts donated by past residents. Not only were there items from the town itself, but local military heroes were honored with an area dedicated to honoring their service and sacrifice.  Serving as tour guides, past residents and descendants of Old Butler residents happily shared their stories with guests as they walked throughout the building.  The sharing of these stories along with the impressive arrangements helped bring to life the memories of a time long past.  

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