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Prison lockdown ends; security still heightened

Last week, The Tomahawk reported that Northeast Correctional Complex in Mountain City (NECX) was on lockdown after what was reported as an incident that resulted in an officer being injured and treated for minor injuries and later released.
Inside sources allege that the lockdown was probably inmates that identify themselves as members of the Crips, a gang that originated in Los Angeles. The source told The Tomahawk that at least 70 inmates claiming to be part of the gang were moved to a higher-level lockdown unit within the prison, as well as the removal of several inmates involved in the outbreak to a correctional facility in Morgan County, Tennessee. At press time last week, NECX remained on lockdown.

“NECX is currently off lockdown status,” said Robert Reburn, with Tennessee Department of Corrections, “but is managing its offender population using restricted movements to ensure safety and security. Once the Warden feels there is no risk, the restricted movements will be phased down and activity at the facility will resume to normal.”