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Possible senatorial candidate Fincher begins tour of state in Mountain City

By Paula Walter

Former United States Congressman, Stephen Fincher, is traveling across Tennessee to listen to the voices of Tennesseans before making a decision as to whether or not he will run for the senate seat currently held by Senator Bob Corker. Corker recently announced his decision that he will not run again for office in the 2018 election.
Fincher, who calls Frog Jump, Tennessee home, began his tour this past week, traveling across the state, beginning in Mountain City and completing his travels in Memphis. According to Fincher, he and his family prayed together and made the decision to listen to what the voters want in their next senator. He did not want to make a rash decision as to his possible run. “Faith is very important to me and our family,” he said.
Although he previously was a United States congressman, Fincher considers himself a farmer, a businessman and a part of gospel singing group his grandmother started that has been in existence for 60 years. “What you see is what you get with me,” Fincher said.
Fincher previously served six years as a United States Congressman and represented Tennessee’s eighth congressional district. He was the first Republican to hold that seat since the Democrats gained control in 1898. According to Fincher, he did not accept congressional health insurance or their retirement plan when he previously served. He will once again not participate in those programs if elected.
Fincher’s focus will be bringing more decisions and control from the federal government in Washington DC back to Tennessee. “Should I run, I will bring Tennessee values and common sense, balanced budgets, conservative spending, and conservative solutions to Washington,” Fincher previously stated.
He has described himself as a “Tennessee conservative who will work with others to do what’s right for Tennessee. I would be totally committed to the people of Tennessee, to listen to them, to serve them with humility and integrity.”
Fincher stressed the importance of working together for common goals and fighting for values. “I want to fix problems, “ he said. “We need lower taxes and better healthcare. We can fix this. We’ve got to be able to work together.”
Fincher is looking at finalizing his decision in the next few weeks. “This is a very serious decision and we want to do what Tennesseans want,” Fincher stated. “Tennessee values and principles are what we are going to fight for.”