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Pool issues addressed and fun continues

By Bonnie Davis Guy
The Mountain City pool experienced some maintenance and repair issues this year before its grand opening for the summer. A new pump was needed and there has been a water leak that has been difficult to find, in addition to the repair of a lifeguard stand. Thanks to city pool manager Earl Gambill the pool is open and better than ever.
The installation of a new pump caused the delay of the pool opening for a week. A new pump was purchased and installed just in time for the season to get started and has been well worth its cost of $1,725.00, as it has made the circulation of the pool water much more efficient. Water tests are coming back better than ever before. The sparkling clear water is also warmer this year thanks to both the weather and the pool’s heating system. Fresh water is constantly being added and circulated making the pool crystal clear. Lifeguards can now climb and sit in the stands safely without worry, thanks to the city workers who repaired rusted railings. There is still has an issue with a leak but in all likelihood this problem will wait until after the season to be addressed. For now it’s time for cannon balls off the only high dive in the region, learning to swim, water aerobics, and fun in the sun and water.
For the rest of the story, pick up a copy of this week's Tomahawk.