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Pedro Shoun Road area residents bring water problems before city council at January meeting

By: Bonnie Davis Guy
Freelance Writer

The January Mountain City Council meeting came to order with all in attendance. No presentations or public hearings were on the agenda. However, the council was addressed by concerned citizens from the Pedro Shoun Road area of the city. Michelle Michael and Phyllis Miller came prepared to give the council a detailed outline of the water issues they and their neighbors had been experiencing for some time now.
Michael stated that in the last two weeks alone there had been two water outages. The board was informed that not only did they have frequent outages in this area but residents have extremely low water pressure at all times. Many residents have purchased water pumps for their own homes that help increase water pressure. However, due to water outages, many of those private pumps experienced thermal overload that basically burned the motor up and destroyed the pump. Some 35-40 homes are affected by water issues in this area of the city. The council asked Chris Hook about his take on the problem. According to Hook, the elevation of the area, the age of the water lines, and the lack of a local pump house the problems were going to be persistent.
“We are at capacity in that area,” said Hook. He went on to say that his department addressed the frequent breaks as quickly as possible but with the age of the lines breaks were inevitable. He also stated the water pressure would remain an issue unless a pump station was placed in this area. The board thanked everyone for the information and made plans to look into the issue further and come up with a solution.
December’s consent calendar was read and unanimously approved. Mayor Keeble, Vice Mayor Crosswhite, and each alderman were then given an opportunity to address any questions or concerns that had been brought to their attention since the last meeting. “I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year,” said Alderman Jerry Jordan.“ I’m also glad Mother Nature has taken it easy on us so far this winter.” Jordan then went on to inquire about the revised easement needed for the new substation that will run along 421 to Parkdale. City Attorney McEwen stated that the new easement would supersede the one in place therefore eliminating any right of way issues.
Alderman Morrison told the council he had attended a retirement reception for Mike Long. Long wanted to express his thanks to the town and its employees for always providing excellent service to him. Next up was Alderman Icenhour and Vice Mayor Crosswhite, who had no issues to discuss, just wishes for a great New Year to come.
Mayor Keeble asked the council about their opinion on naming the bridge at Village Square.

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