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Patriot Place plans are moving forward

Several months ago it was announced that Johnson County was selected as a possible location of a proposed government aided veterans’ housing community known as Patriot’s Place. Containing housing of various styles to meet the needs of the various veterans hoping to own their own home, this self-contained community is an ideal addition to Johnson County, providing a peaceful rural setting near the Mountain Home Veterans Hospital in Johnson City.
When the idea was originally created there were plans to build approximately 50 houses. This number eventually increased to potentially 500, with some to be valued at more than $150,000. This would significantly increase the tax base for the county, while at the same time creating a number of construction jobs. Patriot’s Place in Johnson County is set to be the first of many that could be established all across the country, and is intended to be a place of honor where veterans can rely on a strong support network.
Working with Mountain Electric Co-op, the county has already issued $20,000 to conduct a feasibility study for the project, which was used to determine the best location in the county to acquire land. According to County Mayor Dick Grayson, “Officials with the project are currently looking at specific properties. Right now it’s up in the air, but is moving forward as we speak.” Those same officials have been speaking with property owners during the past week and will hopefully begin the process of closing a deal sometime in the near future.
Many of the housing units in the community will be single floor designs for returning veterans who are wounded or are living with disabilities. However there will also be complex multifamily options as well. Although all veterans will have the option to take part in the project, the target groups are those who have been severely wounded in recent conflicts abroad, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Those hoping to live in Patriot’s Place will see the benefit of a government supplement to build within the community.
A study conducted several months ago by the Washington based Institute for Regional Development (IRD) showed overwhelming support for the project from the area’s veterans, which cemented the idea of proceeding with the project. Many of the veterans questioned were from within the region, with a few from more distant locations. This positive turnout was also the basis for the decision to increase the number of potential homes within the housing community.
With all indications of a positive effect on the county, Patriot’s Place is sure to become a notable and proud part of the county’s makeup. Johnson County has been known many years for its strong support for veterans and Patriot’s Place is a fitting example of that support.