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Parsons endorsed by TN Right to Life; Hill says miscommunication with group

Some confusion has arisen pertaining to last week’s press release from Timothy Hill’s campaign for the third district state house. According to Brian Harris, President of Tennessee Right To Life (TNRTL), Kevin Parsons, who is also a candidate for that seat, has secured the endorsement from that organization.
Although Hill’s press release did not mention an endorsement, it did state that “he has received a 100 percent rating on his survey” from TNRTL. In a statement to The Tomahawk, Harris says they do not offer ratings in legislative races, only endorsements.
“The fact is there is only one 100% pro-life candidate endorsed by Tennessee Right to Life in District 3 and that candidate is former Mountain City mayor, Kevin Parsons,” said Harris. “Tennessee Right to Life offers no ratings in legislative races, only endorsements. Our sole endorsement was awarded to Kevin Parsons based on his 100% survey, his positive meeting with members of our political action committee and his clear desire to lead on behalf of the unborn at the General Assembly.”
In a phone interview with Hill on Friday, the candidate was apologetic of any misunderstanding that the wording might have caused. He said it was not intended to lead anyone to believe that he had been endorsed by TNRTL, only that his survey showed him to be 100% pro-life.
“Apparently there was miscommunication between the TNRTL and my campaign,” Hill said. “While we never stated that I was endorsed, the bottom line is I am 100% pro-life, anyone who knows me knows I am 100% pro life and if I am fortunate enough to serve in Nashville, my vote will always be to protect life at all stages.”
For the rest of the story, pick up a copy of this week's Tomahawk.