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Package store building inspection to come first

By Bethany Anderson
Freelance Writer

Following the usual opening with prayer and pledge of allegiance, this week’s City Council meeting quickly turned into a confusing quarrel between the legal representation of the proposed ‘2 Sisters” package store and the city attorney.
Although permits were granted at the previous meeting, conditions were placed on those permits, which included having the buildings inspected and passed for occupation resulting in some contention.
Because the wording, the original ordinance “did not specify the need for such inspections.”
To start to the dialog, Alderman Bob Morrison clarified, “Our concern is that our building inspector is not certified in the state of Tennessee.” He added, “Any structural changes need to be made an inspected before we can approve it.”
The attorney representing “2 Sisters” said, “as a part of this process, we have to have that permit to apply to the state ABC. It’s a cart before the hose situation were we need that certificate to move forward.”
Mayor Kevin Parsons commented, “This is all new to us, so if we need to modify that, we may have to.”
In reply, City Attorney George Wright disagreed and said, “We need to have that inspection to move forward.”
City Recorder Sheila Shaw took a turn to add that she spoke to the inspector from Rogersville and “he said he can be here Thursday.”
Vice Mayor Bud Crosswhite cautioned, “I don’t think it’ll all happen on the same day.” He also added, “Don’t be surprised if you have to wait a few days.”
As the back and forth continued the applicant from “2 Sisters” stood up to address the Board of Alderman and said, “I have a question: The city attorney is giving his opinion, and you all are choosing to ignore it?”
She was then quickly asked by her attorney to quiet down and take her seat, which she did.
At the end, not much has changed, including the need for a package store building inspection before permit is given.
The meeting closed with a reminder that the next “Beer Board” Meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 10 at City Hall starting at 5pm.