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‘Oui Oui Paree!’ Some JCHS students to travel to Paris and Rome next summer

Oui Oui Paree! For many years Johnson County High School has believed that students should be exposed to a variety of cultures and what better way to do that than to travel? In the past there have been trips to England, Germany, France, Italy, and Ireland and now the French Club, under the direction of teacher Alicia Smeltzer, is planning a trip to Paris and Rome for next summer.
“We are very excited to be planning an eight-day trip for June, 2011,” said Smeltzer, who is new to JCHS this year. “The trip which will take students to several famous attractions, will include the full-time services of a professional tour director.”
According to the itinerary, the first day in Paris will include a stroll through city and a trip to Île de la Cité, a small island in the Seine, to see Notre Dame Cathedral boasting of “great stone buttresses, grotesque gargoyles, and massive stained-glass windows.” No trip to Paris would be complete without visiting the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre. Students will also enjoy a sightseeing cruise on the River Seine and an overnight train ride to Rome, where they are expected to tour Vatican City and visit many landmarks including the Colosseum.
There are obvious educational advantages of traveling abroad including introduction to a new language and to a culture quite different from the students’ own. Although it can be costly to travel, students can generally travel overseas at a very reduced rate when participating in a school-sponsored trip and this upcoming venture is no exception with student rate being less than $2,700.
  “I am so excited about the opportunity that this offers our students,” said Lisa Arnold JCHS principal. “While it is great that our students have the opportunity to choose between two foreign languages in the classroom, there is no comparison to being able to visit  the country and experience it’s culture.”  
To raise funds, Smeltzer and members of the French Club are planning to sell Longhorn folding chairs and Longhorn silly bands, in addition to holding a bake sale, having car wash, and possibly putting together a powder puff football game.
“Nothing helps you appreciate the vitality of another culture like seeing it first hand,” said John Mast, JCHS historian.