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On-air and sales lineup changes at WMCT 1390

2010 brings changes to the on-air and sales lineups at WMCT in Mountain City with a changing of the guard so to speak. Longtime morning host Jim Gilley is stepping aside to make way for Ben Foy who has been working on the engineering side since summer moving WMCT into new studios at 120 E. Main St. from its old location on the edge of town on Hwy 91. While not on the air, Gilley, who is sales manager, will still be working hard on the sales and public affairs side of things. Ben Foy, who has also been named program director, says, “This is the fourth time Jim and I have worked together. The last was in Statesville, NC 31 years and over four million miles ago for me. I was with Gaines Motor Lines in Hickory, NC as a driver and fill-in dispatcher for the years in between, and it feels like leaving family after all those years with the company. Radio has always been my first love and I look forward to the challenges it brings. Jim and I have had success on the air and sales figures have gone up every time we’ve teamed up.”
The Tomahawk will be doing an Accent featuring WMCT Radio Station later on this month.