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Officials hope for Memorial Day Weekend reopening

By Meg Dickens
Freelance Writer

Those around the Johnson County area are aware of the many issues that have kept the Mountain City Pool closed for around two years. A social media post from the Town of Mountain City regarding lifeguard positions for this summer and information on an American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification Class reignited questions on whether the pool would reopen in the coming months for summer 2022.
Public support for the reopening is immense. Several groups pushed for this to happen, which eventually spawned a petition from the Hometown Service Coalition and A.C.T.I.O.N. Coalition spanning back to the end of August 2021. City Mayor Jerry Jordan explained that the city hopes to officially reopen by Memorial Day Weekend.
“We have no idea when the work will get finished,” Jordan answered questions on completion dates. “It depends on the pool man. We are hoping to open on Memorial Day Weekend.”
For those unaware, the pool closed because of several issues, some well-known and others not as extensively known. The most prominent problem was the damage to the pool’s bottom, which caused leaking and “substantial water loss” and can be dated back to as early as 2015. Roots from the large tree in the neighboring park were reportedly also interfering with the pool. Officials debated what repairs needed to be made, had technicians look at the damage, and are currently waiting on a repairman to fix the damage.
A more extensive problem has been the outdated equipment. Previous reports from Jordan stated that the electrical issues would force the pool to close immediately if reopened. City officials allocated $9,500 to fix these issues this fiscal year and expect more work on the problem to continue this week. Progress was reportedly delayed because of difficulties receiving parts, which have finally made it to the appropriate parties.
“The electrician finally got the parts to finish the electrical in the pool house,” Jordan explained when asked about project progress. “We are still waiting on the pool repairman. We are hoping both come this week.”
Although an answer is not set in stone, there has been progress made towards facility repairs, and officials hope this will be the year to finally reopen the Mountain City Pool. For more information on city government, visit