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Nursery opens second location in Mountain City

Mountain View Nursery and Landscaping Home and Garden Center staff member Addie Henderson is busy unloading plants in preparation of opening the company’s brand new, second location in Mountain City. The business, which has been serving residents for three decades, is now proud to bring its outdoor living products and services to the heart of town located on U.S. Route 421, next to the Garden Barn. Photos by Tamas Mondovics

By Tamas Mondovics

That Mountain View Nursery and Landscaping, LLC has successfully served the outdoor living needs of its costumers for decades and that it is no stranger to many in Johnson County, is nothing new.
What is new, however, is that the long-enduring business owned and operated by Harvey Burniston Jr., now welcomes its customers at a brand new second location right in the heart of Mountain City, offering services and products in landscaping, hardscaping, and outdoor living, while boasting of being one of the largest and most diverse container nursery in Johnson County.
Under an extended title of Mountain View Nursery and Landscaping Home and Garden Center, located on U.S. Route 421, next to the Garden Barn, Burniston has managed to bring his passion for outdoor living as well as offer his skills, expertise, products and ideas right to the doorstep of local residents.
With a master’s degree in agriculture education along with more than 30 years experience designing and creating beautiful landscapes under his belt, Burniston has every reason to be confident of his business’ future success.
“I Love what I do, and I have always wanted a garden center,” he said. “I am looking forward to serving our costumers with the same integrity and honesty as we have been for the past three decades.”
Over the years, Mountain View Nursery’s reputation has spread mainly by word of mouth advertising, while Burniston has earned a reputation of being honest, hardworking, and fair in his teaching profession as well as his landscaping business.

Of course, the business’ success has a lot to do with the talented crew that Burniston has managed to recruit including Nursery Manager, Holly Rominger, who will now oversee the daily operations of the new Mountain City retail location.
‘This is my dream job,” she said, adding that opening the new center is not only about growing the business, but “filling the need in the community.”

Mountain View Nursery and Landscaping Home and Garden Center manager, Holly Rominger, left, is assisted by Josena Aiello while setting up for a grand opening at the business’ new retail location on U.S. Route 421, next to the Garden Barn. Thanks to the arrival of warmer temperatures, the time is right to get busy planting and to bring the garden back to its spring and summer beauty. Please see more on home and garden solutions, tips, landscape, and hardscape ideas in this edition. Photo by Tamas Mondovics

Rominger has plenty of skilled hands on deck to assist her, like Hardscape Manager, Ricky Hansen, a graduate of Tennessee Technological University with a BS Degree in Agriculture Engineering and Education. Hansen specializes in the hardscaping and irrigation portion of the business. With many more talented employees assisting costumers, there is little doubt about Mountain View Nursery and Landscaping Home and Garden Center’s impact on the community.
Providing a complete line of plants and materials, a display garden, indoor home, and garden center, coupled with landscaping design and installation
services while offering competitive prices without the need to drive far to get good service is a win-win for everyone.
“This is a little bit of paradise,” Rominger said, adding with confidence, “We have a lot to offer and we are looking forward to sharing a slice of it with all of our new and longtime costumers. So come by, enjoy, and take a piece with you.”

Ricky Hansen at Mountain View Nursery

Mountain View Nursery and Landscaping Home and Garden Center are now open Monday through Friday from 8-5 p.m. and Saturday from 8-2 p.m.
For more information, please visit