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No sign of Rosenberg during latest search

Harry Rosenberg of Laurel Bloomery has been missing since January 13th of this year when he did failed to return from his typical evening walk. Rosenberg was last spotted entering the Cherokee National Forest at the end of Gentry Creek Road. Despite the efforts of Med Flight to help search the dense forest with the use of infrared technology, along with all terrain vehicles and volunteers combing the area, Rosenberg was not found.
One of the lead investigators in the case had spent time reading a journal that Rosenberg kept in which he talked about a specific place in the forest where he would go to sit. Because of the rough terrain at that time of year, the area previously was not reachable. “We felt like we need to go back again,” said Johnson County Sheriff Mike Reece. Although the team was confident they had indeed found the location mentioned in Rosenberg’s journal, there was no sign or evidence he had been in the area.