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No action on animal control in Johnson County

By:  Bonnie Davis Guy

Freelance Writer

The June Johnson County Commission Meeting was held with all commissioners in attendance with the exception of Huey Long. Also in attendance were Mayor Larry Potter, County Attorney Perry Stout and Tammy Fenner. After the roll call was completed, a call to order was given and the first item on the agenda was public comments.
First up on the agenda was Republican candidate for Tennessee State Senate, Jon Lundberg. He told the commission he wanted to attend the meeting, introduce himself, and be available afterward to meet with anyone who had questions for him. “If elected, I can’t make any promises except that I will work with you for the good of Johnson County,” said Lundberg, “I will try to provide you with support and meet your needs as your senator.”
Al Gryder, representing the Johnson County Humane Society, addressed the commissioners. Gryder stated he would be brief and really only had four questions to ask the commission. He asked if the May animal control meeting that had been previously canceled been rescheduled. The commissioners advised it has not been rescheduled. Gryder asked if has there been any planning or discussion regarding rescheduling of the meeting or the animal control problem that exists in the county. The commissioners response was no. He followed up by inquiring if any of the data supplied by the humane society and the sheriff’s department been reviewed and again the response was no. In his last question, as the responses to these questions were no, when would the issue of animal control in the county be addressed. The county commission issued no response to that question. “Citizens of Johnson County not only have the need but the right to protection against unwanted animal activities,” Gryder stated.

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