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New polls across state show overwhelming support for medical cannabis

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Medical Cannabis Trade Association (TMCTA) today released results from four polls showing Tennessee registered voters strongly support medical cannabis use when prescribed by a physician; a state-based solution, not DC-based; and the ability for municipalities to opt out – all elements of the Medical Cannabis Only (MCO) Act.

The results also showed voters are more likely to favor candidates that support providing access to this medicine. Given the overwhelming results, most striking are the similarities across the board between the four polls conducted earlier this month covering urban, rural, East, Middle and West Tennessee.

Registered voters who participated are from Blount, Sevier, Hamilton, Coffee, Warren, Van Buren, Sequatchie, Grundy, Franklin, Marion and Shelby counties.

“These results confirm and validate what everyone already knows: that it doesn’t matter where you go in our state, Tennesseans support restoring patient freedom with a conservative, state-based medical cannabis only bill,” TMCTA executive director Glenn Anderson said. “Two-thirds of the U.S. has access to medical cannabis but not Tennesseans. The Medical Cannabis Only Act provides industry oversight and safe patient access with law enforcement at the table and the right for municipalities to opt out. Now is the time for a medically responsible solution to help our sickest residents and prevent law biding Tennesseans from turning to the black market.”

This polling confirms the Vanderbilt University poll conducted during Fall 2017 that found nearly 80 percent of registered voters in Tennessee supported patients having medical cannabis as a treatment option, and a Pew Research Center national survey in 2016 found 69 percent of police officers backing medical cannabis.

While Arkansas patients already have access to medical cannabis, other states bordering Tennessee are quickly moving in that direction. Kentucky’s governor has signaled his support, and there is legislation moving through Virginia’s legislature.

The TMCTA is the leading group of business entrepreneurs, researchers and patient advocates supporting the Medical Cannabis Only Act in the state legislature this year. For more on the effort in Tennessee to make medical cannabis an option for those with debilitating health conditions, go to