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New Park planned for Mountain City

By Bethany Anderson

During the last Mountain City Council meeting, Mayor Kevin Parsons was particularly excited to announce a grant application on behalf of the town of Mountain City for a dog park.
The possible grant would be from a contest held by national organization PetSafe. The “Bark For Your Park” grant is awarded to 13 communities per year and provides funding to break ground on new dog parks as well as maintain and upgrade existing dog parks.
If selected, Mountain City would win funds needed to build fencing and necessary ground coverings and seating as well as the possibility of other needed items.
One of the suggestions pointed to Ralph Stout Park as the desired location for this possible project. With so many other features already existing in the park as well as a few new options coming soon, there was some concern as to finding a suitable location within Ralph Stout Park for a dog park to be placed. Although no decision was reached as to where exactly in the dog park this would fit into the city park, the council members agreed that this would be the best location overall.
Alderman Jerry Jordan was inquisitive as to who would ultimately be responsible for the upkeep of such a park within an existing lawn.
“Who is going to pay to keep this dog park cleaned up?” he asked the council. “And what about signs and such?”
Parsons said, “Well, it will be up to those who use the park to clean up after their pets. Isn’t that how it always goes at dog parks?”
Although it was agreed that a dog park would be a positive addition to the
town of Mountain City, discussion between the various aldermen seemed to center on the responsibilities of
upkeep, which would either fall on the Parks and
Recreation Department or the possibility of a local non-profit.
Johnson County Humane Society may also be on the roster of taking up responsibility for the dog park.
Ultimately, no decision was made as to what department or who would be responsible for the upkeep of the possible dog park.
Parsons simply stated, “It’ll be fine. I’ll just submit our proposal, and we’ll go from there.”
For more information on PetSafe or the “Bark For Your Park” grant, go to