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New online interactive map assists hunters in finding check stations

NASHVILLE—Some Tennessee big game hunters prefer to check in their harvested big game on a mobile device or a personal computer while many others still prefer to visit check stations.  For those preferring to check their game the traditional way, TWRA has developed a new online interactive map to assist hunters in locating check stations.

There are still many brick-and-mortar businesses that provide traditional check station service, however, an estimated quarter of those establishments have discontinued this service in recent years. “We want to make hunters aware that there are still many places where you can physically have your deer checked in, but in some areas of the state, you may be looking at a longer drive than you previously had,” noted Mark Gudlin, the Chief of TWRA’s Wildlife and Forestry Division.

The alternative to a long drive is using a smart phone or other mobile device to check in big game through TWRA’s “On-The-Go” app or checking in an animal using TWRA’s website on a personal computer.  “If you aren’t comfortable with computers, try getting a friend to help you,” noted Gudlin. “You can check in deer on someone else’s mobile app or computer as long as you identify yourself using the TWRA ID number printed on your personal hunting license.”

If hunters want to check in deer the traditional way and need to locate a business, the TWRA has listed them on its website in an interactive map.  Go to: and click the map icon followed by the link for “Check Station Location.”

A direct link to the map can be found at: