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New KFC, Taco Bell location decided

The vacant lot at the corner of Vandilla and Shady Street is now confirmed as the future site of KFC and Taco Bell restaurants. Photo by Tamas Mondovics

By Meg Dickens

Mountain City is a small town with a picturesque view of the Appalachian Mountains. Small changes happen occasionally, but it predominantly stays the same. That is until recently. Mountain City is in a renewed state of revitalization. KFC and Taco Bell are coming to Mountain City.

When the news was met with disbelief on The Tomahawk Newspaper’s Facebook page, County Mayor Larry Potter chimed in to assure the public “it’s true.” Vice-Mayor Jerry Jordan added, “The City Council approved the project in January, and it has been on the agenda for two months now.” Jordan further explained that “the KFC entrance will be off of Vandilla Street and the Taco Bell entrance will be off of Shady Street.”

The progress in Mountain City started slowly. New restaurants such as Bizzies, Little Caesars, and Sherry & JP’s Chicken House popped up in 2015. New businesses such as The Hidden Gem and El Paso have come and gone. Mountain City even opened the doors to The Johnson County Arts Center in August of 2017. The town is starting to fluctuate like a living, breathing organism. Now it is time to welcome the newest additions to the town.

City Mayor Kevin Parsons clarified that the restaurants will consist of two separate buildings on Vandilla Street. The Tomahawk will provide project updates as soon as possible. There was another new business recently prepositioned the City Council for a recreation center in Mountain City. Kimberly Harper and Donald Snyder, along with City Mayor Kevin Parsons, are working towards a fun zone; the specific name is still under discussion. The business would include an 8-lane bowling alley, a skating rink, a laser tag arena, a cafeteria/dining area, an arcade, and possibly more. What differentiates this proposal from others in the past is the sheer amount of preparation. The dirt and equipment necessary for construction, the laser tag, and bowling alley necessities, and the hardwood floor for the skating rink are already donated to the cause. Snyder and

Harper still have leads to follow for possible donations. If this proposal is accepted, Harper and Snyder plan to demolish the building at 1123 South Shady Street to put up a new steel building. For more information, please call Harper at (270) 929-6958.