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New county commission board votes to opt out of state building inspection requirements

Many of the seats in the upper courtroom of the Johnson County Courthouse were occupied this past week as Johnson Countians attended the September commissioners meeting. This was the first meeting held with the newly elected mayor and officials. County business began as usual when Chairman Freddy Phipps was nominated to serve another term as chairman, with John Brookshire as vice-chairman. Bill Cockett will continue to serve as county attorney.
Dean Stout made a motion that the commissioners stand when addressing the chairman. Phipps explained that in years past due to the health of some of the commissioners, the decision had been made to remain seated when making a motion. However, Stout’s motion to stand was passed eight to six.
Mayor Potter addressed the commissioners and asked that they contact him with any questions or concerns on their committee assignments. A motion was made and carried to approve those assignments. Commissioners Jerry Grindstaff and Jonathan Pleasant were appointed to serve on the planning committee for a four-year term. A motion was made and carried to appoint Tommy Nelson to a four-year term as the utility commissioner for Cold Springs Utility.
Commissioner Jack Proffitt announced that a position recently opened at the county landfill. Due to the large number of current applications that were on file, the job was filled in a timely manner with Jeff Cook accepting the position.