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New charges pending for Jeff Howard in Shady arrest

A group of Shady Valley residents, members of the recently formed Shady Valley Neighbors for Clean Air and Water, were in attendance at a meeting on June 2, 2011 at Shady Valley Presbyterian Church when the meeting was disrupted by the presence of Jeffrey C. Howard. Howard was subsequently arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct and placed on a $3,000 bond. Howard's bail was posted and he remains out on bond.
Howard appeared in court and the case has been referred to criminal court, wherein the Grand Jury will determine if there is enough evidence for Howard's case to be tried. In 2007, Howard was placed on probation for seven years resulting from two counts of domestic aggravated assault, as well as felony evading. As a result of these new charges, Howard will be required to appear in court on violation of his probation. According to an Affidavit of Complaint from one witness, Howard threatened and caused bodily harm to a member of the organization who suffers from physical disabilities. Although at press time Howard had not been served notification, based on Affidavits of Complaint from members of the organization, further charges against Howard are pending.
Shady Valley Neighbors for Clean Air and Water was formed during the winter of 2011 in response to the misapplication of metam sodium that occurred in fields leased by B&W Quality Growers. Both B&W Quality Growers and Highland Soil Fumigation Company were charged and fined by Tennessee Department of Agriculture. While charges were imposed, the group remains concerned over the quality of both the water and air, as well as the health of Shady Valley's residents. Several residents continue to suffer with health problems that they say began with the misapplication of the fumigant last November.
Shortly before press time, The Tomahawk received notice from several Shady Valley residents of a smell they described as similar to the odor of rotten eggs. According to Kathy Booker of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDOA), inspectors have been sent to Shady Valley to investigate the complaints as a result of phone calls to their office. Soil samples from the ground have been taken for analysis. Booker expects the results in the near future. According to the terms of the fines imposed on B&W Quality Growers and Highland Soil Fumigation Company, TDOA must be contacted prior to any type of pesticide spraying in the arugula fields of Shady Valley. To date, TDOA has not been contacted by either company with any information on spraying in the fields.