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New business bringing seasonal jobs to county

Paul Smith of Cool Springs Nursery has bought the tobacco warehouse on South Shady and is going to use it in producing wreaths and roping for garden centers and retail stores. Mountain City Mayor Kevin Parsons was instrumental in helping the industry make the decision to move their operation from Ashe County, NC to Mountain City.
At present, the facility will employ 40 or more workers who will be making all types of greenery items during the fall and winter season. Cool Springs has plans to expand the business to other seasons in the coming years, and with that comes the potential to employ many more people for much longer periods of time.
Johnson County has a great tradition producing this type of product, and Smith is looking for workers who have experience in this area. He says that he is also looking for people who can supply Fraser Fir, white pine, magnolia, boxwood and other types of greenery in large volumes. Please call Paul at 828-387-6139 if you would like to work or supply greenery.