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New bus should prove helpful to CBM

By: Lacy Hilliard
Tomahawk Writer/Photographer

Those involved with the Johnson County Christian Bible Ministries (CBM) program are celebrating another successful year of camp as well as the purchase of a new bus that will help cater to students that participate in the CBM Released Time Program.
Mike Whitehouse, who has played a vital role in the Johnson County CBM program for many years, told The Tomahawk that it took over a year to raise enough funds to purchase the new bus, “We started in April 2014 and raised $6,000. The bus cost $8,500. The extra $2,500 came from Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go funds which Johnson County CBM will pay back as able.” Whitehouse went on to talk about how the bus will be used in conjunction with the Released Time program offered throughout the school year saying, “During the school year (the bus) will be used to move Released Time students (over 900 First through Eighth graders each month) from their school to their Released Time chapels. During the summer will be used for Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go activities and the Johnson County Vacation Bible Camp.” In order for students to take part in the Released Time program, all they need is a signed permission slip from their parents. The logistics are handled by CBM.
CBM is a ministry that works to educate local youth about Christian scripture. They accomplish their goal by offering what they call the “Three C’s.” The “Three C’s” consist of classes, correspondence lessons and camp. The classes offered through the Released Time program caters to students at over 4,000 public schools each month. Public school students with appropriate permission are released from classes, transported to a nearby church and taught bible lessons. Correspondence lessons are completed via mail by way of Bible Mailbox lessons. The completion of a set of 10 lessons can earn children a free week at Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go. It is perhaps the final “C” in the “Three C’s” that keeps children coming back year after year – camp.

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