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New addresses for some county residents

The Johnson County Emergency Communications District (ECD) announced today that recent updates to about 1100 addresses across the county were completed in order to reflect proper addressing standards for public safety.
“A number of residents now have new addresses,” said Johnson County E-911 Director Eugene Campbell. “This was absolutely essential from a public safety standpoint. Correct, reliable addresses are critical in emergency response situations.”
Campbell noted that the United States Postal Service has agreed to work with those Johnson County residents whose addresses were changed. Mail will be forwarded for a full year to the newly assigned address.
Campbell also recommends that residents have addresses that are clearly visible on mailboxes. To ensure best visibility, at least 3-inch reflective numbers should be used.
“If a responder can’t find your address, they may not get to you,” Campbell said. “That’s why it is important to have addresses that meet public safety standards and to display those addresses appropriately.”
Campbell indicated that the change was initiated as a result of a review of addresses his office started in response to the Tennessee Emergency Communications Board’s planned upgrade of the state’s 911 system to Next Generation 911.

“Accurate addresses are critical to sound GIS mapping,” said Campbell. “We’ve got to have good, reliable maps in order for 911 to work at its best.”
Residents whose addresses were changed received advanced notification of the process. For questions, contact Eugene Campbell at 423-727-7669.