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Neighborhood Services Centers running on empty

With the country in an on-going economic crisis, more and more people have come to rely upon financial assistance to get them through these tough and challenging times. Across the eight counties of northeast Tennessee, budgets and funding for those agencies offering help to those in the most need have been stretched to full capacity.
Johnson County Neighborhood Service Center has recently seen a large influx of applicants who previously did not fall into the criteria to receive financial assistance. These programs were designed to provide aid for qualifying individuals or families in times of need. Due to changes in the poverty guidelines, all of the nine Neighborhood Services Centers for northeast Tennessee have been inundated with people needing basic help to survive.
The eight-county region received an additional $1.7 million on top of their yearly funding to assist individuals and families that met the financial requirements. Due to the high demand, monies have quickly been exhausted. Johnson County is not alone in this plight. All of these centers have utilized the majority of their funding.
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