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Mountain Dew comes to Doe Mountain

Computer generated image of the proposed paint scheme for the Mountain Dew Doe Mountain Recreational Area Welcome Center.


MTN DEW teams up with Doe Mountain Recreation Area to broaden access to thousands of acres of wilderness with the introduction of the MTN DEW Outpost

By Tamas Mondovics

Over eight decades after MTN DEW was founded in the hills of Tennessee, the brand announced last week the upcoming arrival of the MTN DEW Outpost at Doe Mountain.
According to officials, now through January 14, area residents “can apply to be the first-ever MTN DEW Outpost Ranger, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an outdoor-aficionado to tend the Outpost. No previous professional experience is required – just a love for the outdoors.”
The assignment of Outpost Ranger means that for one week in May 2022, the Ranger will be responsible for managing duties at the MTN DEW Outpost in exchange for a one-time payment of $5,000, travel to and from Doe Mountain, luxury mountain accommodations provided by RVshare, a unique DEW-branded ranger uniform and access to exclusive and unreleased DEW products.
Organizers added that the Ranger will also leave the Outpost with a brand-new Polaris RANGER XP 1000 Premium.
Doe Mountain is an 8,600-acre of rugged mountain wilderness that sits outside the town of Mountain City, Tennessee. MTN DEW is promising to return to its roots and donate funds to support the addition of mountain activities like an all-new archery course and the expansion of new trails that will open up access to 3,000 acres of land previously unexplored at Doe Mountain.
“The collaborative efforts will also allow for a new mountain-side overlook and viewing platform and serves as a symbol of the long-term commitment MTN DEW makes to help nature lovers access more of the great outdoors,” officials said in a subsequent press release.
“Our fans are exploring the outdoors now more than ever; it’s the perfect time to return to Tennessee and give back to the community,” says Pat O’Toole, vice president, marketing, MTN DEW. “While MTN DEW will pay homage to its name and roots at Doe Mountain, we aspire to leave a positive impact, providing wider access to these preserved mountain lands and fueling outdoor enthusiasts’ passions.”
The release emphasized that the private grant MTN DEW provides to Doe Mountain “will enable the Mountain to create an even more well-rounded and diverse area for outdoor enthusiasts.”
New activities and features promise to produce sustainable jobs for the local community and generate the necessary funding to keep these activities long-term.
This contribution to Doe Mountain is part of $1.25 million the brand has donated in total this year to fuel outdoor passions across the nation. “Next year marks ten years since the State of Tennessee and The Nature Conservancy purchased Doe Mountain and saved over 8,000 acres of land from large-scale timber-cutting, preserving the mountain so that outdoor lovers can continue to explore and hone their skills,” says Shawn Lindsey, director, Doe Mountain Recreation Area. “The funding MTN DEW provides will introduce a new era for Doe Mountain, empowering us to offer new programs and opportunities for local jobs and businesses, as well as tourism revenues for the State of Tennessee.”
Fans can apply online from December 8 through January 14 via Complete rules and regulations are available on the website.
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