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Mountain City Council hears concerns, requests and suggestions from local citizens

By Rebecca Herman

Mountain City Council members held their monthly meeting in the town hall on July 12 at 6:30pm; all board members were present. The meeting began with prayer and the pledge to the American flag.
The first to speak to Mountain City Council was Lewis Spearman, who was concerned with the wording in the city’s rezoning ordinances that specifically dealt with building setback requirements. Spearman said that according to the ordinance, the owner of the property can select what is considered the front of the structure, within reason. Spearman feels that  could be a problem, because a house could end up being 10 feet from the road, depending on which side of the house the owner deems the front. Spearman said he had several pictures showing construction that were not in compliance with the ordinance. Spearman was also concerned about a doublewide placement near his residence.
Next to address the council was Sarah Ransom who is a water aerobics instructor. Ransom explained that many in the community have shown interest in keeping the pool open through the month of August. School is back in session August 3, however there are still many in the community who would be able to utilize the pool during the day and school children would be able to swim after school. Ransom suggested that there could be special events and classes held during the day for older adults and small children. She said that several people have expressed a desire to have these kinds of classes in Johnson County and have stated that they would even pay more because it would keep money in the community. Individuals could save money by not having to travel outside of the county to go to other swimming pools. The council said that this could be a possibility for next year, because there are renovations that need to be completed before the pool opens for summer of 2017.
Finally, Karla Prudhomme spoke to the council. Prudhomme asked permission to hold the 12th annual Sunflower Festival; the council approved this request. She discussed the upcoming Long Journey Home event that take place September 1-2. Prudhomme explained that they are waiting on a location for the new mural, which will be painted by Cristy Dunn. Once a location is picked, she asked for police presence in the area because roads will need to be blocked; the council approved this request. According to Prudhomme, she may be applying for the Community Development Plot Grant again. The council told her that if she decides to apply to come back to the board and present the information.
Finally, Prudhomme asked the council for their help with supplying water and sewage to a building that will be used for the adult education program. She has found a building that they county owns and the county will be supplying internet and other amenities to the building, but Prudhomme needs help with water and sewage in order to comply with the requirements of this program. The council said that they would be able to waive the setup fees for water and sewage, but would not be able to waive monthly fees due to state law and they would meet with the city attorney to see what can be done.
The next item brought up was the naming of the new bridge. It was decided to name the bridge after the family who first purchased the land in 1940. The land was used as a farm and the father and grandfather were both veterans. There will be two signs on the bridge that say Clarence and John H. Arnold Memorial Bridge.
The council decided that a water study was needed in order to find additional water sources in case of any future drought conditions. Once this study is completed, then the new water sources can be connected with existing sources. The council then discussed how to deal with water issues on Pedro Shoun Road. There are 49 customers that are affected by the water line issues, but replacing the line and putting in a booster is not going to solve the issue. The council voted to table the issue until they receive more information on the problems and solutions are presented.
Finally, the council voted to expand and take over Dry Run Utility District. There will be two workstations and customers will benefit a little. The council said as soon as the required documents are signed that the changes would go into effect pretty quickly.
The next city council meeting will be August 9 at 6:30pm.