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Morris Woodring leaves school system after 35 years of service

By Veronica Burniston
Every passing year marks the retirement of someone in their career path, the passing of the baton to a rising successor. Like all of life’s journeys, these moments unfold with both bittersweet goodbyes and warm welcomes. There’s an exchange of handshakes, embraces, a burst of applause, maybe even a tear or two, as the shift takes place, the change between what was and what will be.
Johnson County, albeit tucked away in the palms of green mountains, is no exception. For as summer blooms in the valleys and mountains, the Johnson County schools bid farewell to a man who has served the local schools for numerous years as a beloved teacher and Director of Schools, Morris Woodring.
Originally from Boone, NC, Woodring has spent the last 35 years working in education for Johnson County, eight of those years as the Director of Johnson County schools. Now, as the month of July sets in, his retirement has officially taken place as of June 30th, and as with any big change, many people find his departure an incentive to reflect on the past years.
During his tenure, Woodring witnessed countless improvements in the Johnson County school system, including additions and increased use of technology (e.g. smart boards, ipads, etc.) in the classrooms, the creation of more dual enrollment options for high school students, the establishment of five Pre-K classrooms in Johnson County, and the implementation of the Common Core program, which “raises the bar” in Tennessee education and learning standards.
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