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More protection sought for unborn children

By Meg Dickens

When County Commissioner Freddy Phipps recommended adding stronger protections for unborn children during the December 19 Johnson County Commission meeting, the idea struck a chord with all present. During the January 16 commission meeting, they passed a resolution asking Representative Timothy Hill and Senator Jon Lundberg to fight for stronger protections for the unborn, and Governor Bill Lee to sign them into law.

“The Roe vs. Wade ruling was in the early 70s. It was four years past the birth control pill and before sonograms. So many technological advances have come after,” said County Lawyer Perry Stout as he presented the resolution. “ I believe that, if it went back to the Supreme Court, it would have different results.”

The idea had the full support of the commission from the beginning. It is serendipitous that this decision falls so close to Johnson County’s annual March for Life. The event is on Friday, January 24, and the crowd had been increasing since its start four years ago. County Commissioner Megan McEwen runs the event and plans to keep it going through the foreseeable future.

Each year participants march peacefully to increase awareness and get people thinking about what abortion entails. Stout mentioned that abortion is now the leading cause of death. Planned Parenthood statistics show that statistically, one in four women will have an abortion before turning 45.

“The March for Life is very important to me. It is a way of showing our pro-life support to our community, our state, and our nation’s leaders and legislators,” said McEwen when asked about the event. “Eventually, my hope is that abortion will be done away with altogether, but it won’t unless we take a stand against it.”

Commissioner McEwen explicitly stated how proud she was to support this resolution. She reached out to county churches, and several are promoting the event. Calvary Baptist Church will show the movie “Unplanned” after the March, which centers around a Planned Parenthood clinic director who has a change of heart.

Johnson County is doing its part to fight abortion. Anyone interested in joining the March for Life should meet Commissioner McEwen in front of Johnson County Bank at 5 PM. The County Commission meets the third Thursday of each month at the Johnson County Courthouse at 7 PM. Any interested parties can attend.