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More healthcare facilities on demand

By Meg Dickens
Freelance Writer

It is common to hear people in small communities discussing businesses and facilities they would like to see come to town. Johnson Countians often discuss places such as Walmart or sit-down chain restaurants. A recent discussion—perhaps due to healthcare taking center stage during a pandemic—focused on the topic of an Urgent Care facility.
As residents know, the county houses one hospital and many small doctors’ offices. There is no facility for incidents that require an in-between, aka a facility for non-life-threatening emergencies that do not come with an astronomical hospital bill. Many have shown interest in this type of facility but may not be aware that something similar is already in the works for the future.
“One has been talked about on Cold Springs Road at the doctor’s office beside Phoenix Medical,” County Commissioner Eugene Campbell reminded interested parties during a recent online discussion.
This facility is Northeast Tennessee Health and Homecare. The establishment currently does not offer this service but plans to once it is more established, although it will technically be classified as an after-hours clinic. According to Owner and Nurse Practioner Kim Kleine, she hoped to start at the beginning of 2022, but it is “a ways away.” There is currently no set timeline for when the facility will expand to offer these services.
This facility is one of several that have utilized unused or virtually unused buildings to bring something beneficial to the community. Kleine remodeled the Kellogg Building, where the clinic is housed, with help from her family. A common complaint among voting-age citizens is the plethora of empty buildings, especially those in the middle of town.
On the subject of improvement, Kleine said: “People need to be preparing themselves for the election year and to make the change they always complain about on Facebook. There will be no improvements without people’s votes for the right people.”
Northeast Tennessee Health and Homecare is located at 100 Kellogg Drive in Mountain City. For more information or to get a quote, visit