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Mining Town Road water work has begun

Residents of Mining Town Road have recently seen the advent of road work that will bring city water from Mountain City to their more rural location in the county. This long-awaited and costly project has been in the works for approximately two years.
At this time,15 families have signed up for water service in the Mining Town Road area. There is a large amount of piping, materials and labor involved to reach this area of Johnson County. Approximately 19,000 feet of water lines will be put in place to reach the customers. Currently, the last property on the line to sign up to receive water is 1976 Mining Town Road, approximately one point eight miles from Route 167. At this time, not all residents along Mining Town Road and its tributaries, Mining Ridge Road, Doe Mountain Lane, Shady Lane and Gate Hollow Road, have signed up for city water.
Brownlow Utility District will purchase water from Mountain City at the wholesale rate of $4.41 per thousand gallons of water. Estimates can vary by household size, but a family household typically uses approximately 130 gallons of water per day. At this time, the monthly bill for customers has not been determined. Not only does the amount of water usage impact the monthly bill, but also the number of residents along the Mining Town Road project that elect to sign up for service. According to a representative from Brownlow, a few people who initially did not sign up for water have come forward since the start of the water line construction. The initial tap fee for those households signing up for city water was $1,250. At this time, the tap fee has increased to $1,750. No fire hydrants along Mining Town Road are included in the project.
The process of finding $768,300 to fund this project has been long and tedious and is comprised of federal grants and loans. The cost of the Mining Town Road project reflects labor, the price of the installation of the water lines, materials needed to complete the project, as well as engineering and administrative fees. A local company, Iron Mountain Construction, submitted the winning bid. All contractors who submitted bids for this project had to be both licensed and bonded in their state. Completion of the Mining Town Road project is to be completed within 180 days from the start of the project.
Once the water lines along Mining Town Road and its tributaries are installed and checked, water taps will then be installed. The customer is responsible for any costs to run water lines from the meter at the road to their home.