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MCE Teachers of the Year


Mountain City Elementary is pleased to announce its “Teachers of the Year” for the school year, 2021-2022. Representing grades PreK-4th is Mrs. Harlie Cornett, and Mrs. Jordan Chambers has been selected to represent grades 5th-6th.

Mrs. Cornett, a second grade teacher, holds an Associate of Science in Teaching degree from Northeast State Community College and a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from East Tennessee State University.  Mrs. Cornett is currently in her fourth year of teaching.

Mrs. Chambers is the fifth grade English and Language Arts teacher at Mountain City Elementary.  She also attended Northeast State Community College and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education.  Mrs. Chambers has been teaching for eight years.

When asked to reflect on the joys of teaching Mrs. Cornett said, “The greatest joy of teaching is watching your students learn and grow throughout the year.  The progress they make from the beginning of the school year to the end is truly amazing.”

Mrs. Chambers replied, “The greatest joy of teaching is seeing that face of accomplishment on my students when they know they worked hard to earn it and are feeling proud of themselves.” The school wishes to congratulate Mrs. Cornett and Mrs. Chambers on receiving the honor of Teacher of the Year.