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Marvin Potter denied new trial; other defendants to be tried together April 13th

Marvin “Buddy” Enoch Potter, along with Barbara Potter, Jenelle Potter and Jamie Lynn Curd once again appeared before Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood in a Jonesborough, Tennessee courtroom on December 9th. All four defendants were charged with conspiring to murder Billy Payne and Billie Jean Hayworth after they had allegedly unfriended Jenelle Potter on Facebook. The couple’s six-month-old son was found unharmed in his mother’s arms.
Marvin Potter was previously found guilty of the two murders in October, 2013 and was sentenced to two consecutive sentences. Judge Blackwood denied Marvin Potter’s request for a new trial.
The prosecution had previously hired forensic linguist to go through both emails and messages reportedly sent between two of the defendants. Attorneys for the defendants also found a specialist to also determine their clients’ involvement in the emails. More time to complete the analysis was requested.
Judge Blackwood denied the request for a separate trial for Jamie Lynn Curd. All three defendants will be back again in court on April 13th and will be tried together.
Barbara Potter remains in the Johnson County jail awaiting trial. Both Jenelle Potter and Jamie Lynn Curd are being held in Unicoi County.