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March for Life enjoys community support

Johnson County Commissioner Megan McEwen, left, carries a sign during the annual March for Life, last Friday in Mountain City TN. The local event organized by McEwen joined the nation, boasting of much support for the fight against abortion. Photo by Tamas Mondovics

By Tamas Mondovics

For the third time in a row, a large group of Mountain City and Johnson County TN residents joined the nation last Friday against abortion and to show their “support for and remember the estimated 60 million unborn children who have died from abortion in America since the famous Roe v. Wade.”
Led and organized locally by Johnson County Commissioner Megan McEwen the annual March for Life is a national pro-life march that is held each year in January.
Joining forces with a friend and confidante whom she highly respects McEwen, had the idea three years ago to organize the march locally.
“I thought hard about it and felt in my heart that it was the right thing to do,” she said. “It was very short notice the first year, and it was snowing, but we had close to 100 people show up.”
As it has been the case, the group met in front of Johnson County Bank in downtown Mountain City. Following a prayer, the nearly 100 supporters made their way from Downtown Main Street, down Hwy 421 and back around to where the march started.
“Last year, I decided to do a fundraiser for the JC Pregnancy Support Center as well as the march, because I felt like it was not only important to be a voice for the unborn babies, but to also help our community in whatever way that we could,” McEwen said. “Giving women a place to go to get assistance and guidance may change one person’s mind and save an innocent life.
Last year’s walk saw nearly 40 people in attendance. Thanks to McEwen’s diligence this year’s turnout has been the best in the local event’s short history.
“I made it a personal mission this year to send each church a letter announcing the walk as well as advertising in the Tomahawk Newspaper as well as on the radio and on social media,” she added. “I also sent in information to our local news station WCYB. I think it is important as a Christian and as a mother to stand up, march and show the world that abortion is not okay.”
While accurate worldwide abortion statistics are difficult to come by since large portions of the globe do not record or report annual abortion totals, a recent data said, in 2018 more than 41 million babies were aborted worldwide. Less than one percent of abortions are reportedly due to rape or incest, while the majority of abortions that are performed are because it will interfere in the mother’s life.
In a recent Opinion Editorial (Marching for Life: Countering Roe V. Wade’s Escorts by Dr. Paul Kengor, which first appeared at The American Spectator, Kengor highlights a grim practice at abortion clinics across the country: Escorts.
He writes, “The ‘escorts’ work outside abortion clinics. Their duty is to ensure that every pregnant mom who approaches the door doesn’t get deterred or change her mind … They strive to guarantee that every potential customer with cash or credit leaves with an abortion under her belt.”
McEwen was pleased
with the local support, which aside from her efforts to get the word out, she attributes to the faith and upright
character of the members of her community, when she said, “I know that Washington has a tremendous support for this march, and I am hopeful that each year more people will get involved locally. Together we can make a difference.”