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Lunceford named Student of the Year at TCAT

Shatona Lunceford of Mountain City, 2015-2016 Student of the Year at Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) Elizabethton, knows what it is like to have a debilitating disability. She was born with only one fully developed arm.
Doing the simple things in life, like tying your shoe and dressing yourself, was a challenge for her. She overcame these hardships with hard work and a gritty determination. “Anything is possible,” she kept reminding herself.
“Life as we know is a challenge in itself. We all have obstacles we have to overcome. I’ve had my share. Growing up with only one arm was very difficult. Even now it’s still a challenge. Everyday I’m faced with a new mountain to climb. Some days I’ve just wanted to give up.
“As a child, my parents took me to many doctors and specialists to see if anyone could make sense as to why this happened. None of them knew the answer, but they all shared one common decision. She was told she would never be able to do the things a “normal person” her age could do.
Growing up, she said she depended a lot on her parents and family as her guiding light and inspiration. “They did a great job!”  However, in June 1984 both her parents were killed in a tragic car accident. She was four years old at the time.
“After that happened, I moved in with my grandmother, who always told me, you can do anything you want, it might just take you a little longer than others. She was right.  Some things do take me a little longer. I lived with her for a few years until she died of a massive heart attack. I was seven years old at that time.”

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