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Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey announces he will not seek relection in November

NASHVILLE — Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey (R-Blountville) today announced his decision not to seek re-election to another four-year term in the state Senate this November. Lt. Governor Ramsey’s term as Speaker of the Senate will expire on the second Tuesday in January 2017.

Ramsey made the following remarks from the Senate floor regarding his decision this morning:
“I have always been known as a straight-shooter who gets right to the point. Today is no exception.
I stand before you today to announce that I will not be seeking another four-year term to the State Senate.
I have served in the General Assembly for nearly a quarter of a century: four years in the State House and 20 years in the State Senate. 24 years.
For the last 10 years, this body has granted me the privilege of serving as Lt. Governor and Speaker of the Senate. It has been a true honor to serve my state in this way.
I have said many times, I truly am “living the dream.” I have never meant that phrase as much as I mean it right now. I am living the dream.
While serving in the legislature, I have tried my best to keep my priorities in order.
My first priority has always been my faith. I have never taken my talents and opportunities for granted. I know that all I have God has given me. I have prayed to Him everyday for wisdom and guidance.
A close second has always been my family. Sindy is not only my wife but my best friend. She is truly the wind beneath my wings.
I have the three best daughters a father could ask for. And now I have three wonderful son-in-laws.
My third priority has been my business.
And that brings us to priority number four, politics and state government.
It has been the honor of my life to serve here. We have accomplished great things together. We have left Tennessee better than we found it.
But lately, it seems like life is flying by.
When I ran for office four years ago, I had a one-year old grandson. That grandson, Parker, will be starting kindergarten in August.

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