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Longhorns fall short in bid to win region title

The JCMS Longhorns ended a magical season Tuesday night and though the squad fell short in its bid to a win a regional championship, there were no losers on the field.
The Longhorns lost 24-8 to a very big and strong Mosheim team, but the Longhorns gave a valiant effort in defeat.
JCMS ends the season at 6-3 overall and as conference champions with a playoff win under their belt.
The Longhorns have raised the bar for future teams and look to have a very bright future ahead of them as they move on to the high school.
Mosheim had a powerful offensive line and ran the ball at will on Tuesday night.
The Indians scored on their first drive by pounding the football up the middle.
The Longhorns did keep the Indians from pulling away to far and it was a testament to how hard they played.
“They came out early and hit us hard and they were big boys,” JCMS head coach Matt Bray said. “We didn’t have the greatest pass coverage and we made simple mistakes. We would tighten down and we would loosen up. It was a very roller coaster like game.
“I told the boys I still love them, I still care about them and this is not the end. This is the beginning and if it teaches them something that they will carry on onto the high school, then I’ve done my job.”
The Longhorns continued to fight and really made things interesting in the second quarter as the Longhorns finished a quick four-play 60-yard drive capped off by an end around by Doug Stanton for a score. A two-point conversion run by Aaron Osborne tied the game at 8-8.
“Everything was coming together and it seems like when everything comes together the wind would get knocked out of ourselves and it’s hard to play on Tuesday. I would rather play on Thursdays, but there’s no excuse. Tonight they were the better team.
“They can’t take away the conference championship, they can’t take away winning against Blountville. I don’t think we played up to our potential, but I can’t be upset with the boys because they poured their heart and soul into this and I’m so proud of them. Nothing is going to change the way I feel about them, whether we win or lose. They still make me happy, but yes this does hurt. It will take awhile to get over.”
After the touchdown, the Longhorns couldn’t get the breaks as Mosheim scored right before the end of the half.
From there, JCMS was victim to some questionable calls and couldn’t really get going.
A late drive in the fourth quarter down 24-8 that was almost turned into a score showed the character and heart of this squad.
“To tell you the truth, they have matured so much over the season,” Bray said. “These boys came in separated. Some had played pee wees and some had played middle school. They came in separate, but they’re leaving together as brothers. They’re leaving with class and with the knowledge that not only have they improved themselves on the football field, but also in the classroom and as a man. I feel like we have done our job.”
The JCHS program looks like it has a bright future with some promising freshmen and a strong seventh grade class, some of whom saw valuable time on the middle school team this year.
Bray says the sky is the limit, but they will have to stay together unlike what some previous great middle school teams have done.
“If they stay together and play like I know they can and they keep improving and don’t settle, they’ll be champions again,” he said. “I feel very comfortable passing them along to the high school, I feel we have prepared them as much as we can and I know they will take care of these boys because they’re good coaches.
As this historic season draws to a close, Coach Bray has some words of thanks he would like to send out.
“I just want to say that we couldn’t have gotten this far without the support of the community, our parents and without our assistant coaches,” Bray said. “Johnson County, we thank you.”