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Loggers assure residents care is being used while cutting timber on Stone Mountain

For much of the past year, several logging companies have been busy clearing acreage on privately-owned property on Stone Mountain in the Crackers Neck area of Johnson County. Concerns by some residents living in the nearby areas have been raised regarding both the aesthetic and environmental aspect of the project.
Scottie Greene is the owner of Scottie Greene Logging and he and his employees are currently working on the Stone Mountain project. Greene, a third-generation logger, is licensed and sits on the board of North Carolina Association of Professional Loggers. He has overseen the clearing of approximately 200 acres on a portion of Laurel Road that has taken place in the past eight to nine months and has become a familiar fixture in Johnson County as he purchases between 3,000 and 3,500 gallons of fuel a week at Tri-State Co-op.
Greene explained that he was specifically instructed not to clear cut his portion of the Laurel Road project and has used more of a select cut method of harvesting the lumber.

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