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Local couples share their secrets for lasting love

Brian and Holly Morefield 2-2-17-2016Tomahawk freelance writer Bonnie Davis Guy talked with numerous couples in Johnson County whose relationship has stood the test of time. Scattered throughout today’s paper these local Valentines share their secrets for lasting love.

Brian and Holly Morefield were married on September 19, 1998. They have two children, Ali and Tyler. Holly says that she and Brian have always kept Christ in their relationship. According to the Morefields, having a spouse that is like-minded in faith and in family makes for a very strong bond. Keeping up that bond by carving out couple time is also very important to a marriage, even if it’s just spending time watching a show or a movie. Spending time together makes a marriage stronger.
Family time is also very important. It creates a very strong foundation that can withstand any storm when a family is close.
Another important element is communication. If a couple isn’t talking the marriage will fail. It’s never good to bottle up concerns and then have resentment. It’s always better to just hash it out before resentment begins. Forgiveness is also part of having Christ in your marriage. We should forgive others as Christ forgave us. Holding a grudge is like carrying a millstone around your neck. Marriage means being partners for life. To achieve this it’s important to surround yourselves with a strong support system such as a church family you can worship with and turn to in crisis. Holly says she strives to always remember that according to the Bible a soft word turns away anger.