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Local chamber reports advertising scam

A company is soliciting advertisements by local businesses for maps of Mountain City and Johnson County, but is not affiliated or endorsed by the Johnson County Chamber of Commerce, as they claim.
“I have been contacted by local business owners about a company calling and asking them to advertise in an upcoming map of either Johnson County or Mountain City,” explained Tom Reece, Chamber president. “They evidently tell the business they are endorsed by the chamber and myself.” According to Reece, this is entirely untrue. “The Johnson County Chamber of Commerce is definitely not endorsing this, and neither am I, personally, endorsing this,” said Reece.
He said the products could still be legitimate, “but we don't want our name attached to something that we don't have anything to do with.”
The Better Business Bureau receives many reports for deceptive practices such as suggesting charitable intent where there is none and seeking to trade on the credibility of community institutions, whether or not it is affiliated with them. These types of businesses typically target small communities and may neglect distribution of the product they are touting.
The Johnson County Chamber of Commerce is advising businesses that receive calls from representatives of any unknown, local business to be wary of purchasing advertisements for placement on local maps.