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Library to host new writers club for autobiographers

By Bethany Anderson
Freelance Writer

A new writing club at the Johnson County Public Library is in the making next month to encourage and help people become autobiographers to share their life stories.
The club is appropriately named Johnson County Autobiographers Club (JCAC) facilitated by Brenda Turner who explained that her goal is to help encourage others to share their stories with family members, loved ones, or just for themselves.
“Our group will be welcoming, supportive, and a good environment for everyone from first-timers to more experienced writers.”
Johnson County is home to many who have lived their whole lives here as well as those who moved to the area for a variety of reasons. Each resident has their own unique story to tell, and Turner hopes that this group will help to encourage people to do just that.
“I want people to feel like they can attend when they are able to and not feel obligated to return,
but of course it would be great if they enjoy it and come back,” she said.
Turner added that JCAC is a group, not a class, so there are no mandatory
writings, nothing will be graded, and nobody will be forced to share anything with the group that they don’t want to. I want to be able to help people find their voice to share their life stories.”
The JCAC will meet each Monday from 1-3pm in the library’s conference room. It is free and open to all ages and skill levels. The first group meeting is on Monday, June 3, and all are invited to attend.
For more information about the Johnson County Autobiographers Club (JCAC), you can email
[email protected]
or call group facilitator
Brenda Turner at (317) 316-7336.