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Keene gets five years supervised probation

Tim Keene was recently found guilty by a jury trial of four counts of improper influence of grand jurors and was sentenced on April 23rd. He received five years supervised probation.
The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) arrested Keene on March 29, 2012 after Johnson County Mayor Larry Potter reported missing funds. The TBI opened the investigation at the request of the First Judicial District Attorney’s office in April of 2011. Tim Keene, and his son, Kevin Keene, both of Laurel Bloomery, were arrested for allegedly selling scrap metal belonging to Johnson County and selling it for personal profit.
Tim Keene was initially charged with one count of theft over $500, 25 counts of failure to register motor vehicle titles and nine counts of improper influence of a grand juror. Kevin Keene, the son of Tim Keene, was charged with one count of theft under $500. A jury later found Kevin Keene not guilty of his charges. Tim Keene was previously found guilty on the charge of theft under $500 in October of 2012. He was given a $1,500 fine for the charge.
Tim Keene pled under judicial diversion on the charge of four counts of improper influence of grand jurors, a program for first time offenders that would have allowed the charges to be expunged from his record upon the completion of his sentence. The request was denied.