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Johnson County Election Commission launches new website

By Lacy Hilliard
The Johnson County Election Commission recently took a step into the future by launching an informative website aimed at providing detailed information to Johnson County voters. The website, ( is the brainchild of Commissioner of Elections Mike Long. “It was an overdue necessity and it will be great to help voters gain information that they previously would have had to visit our office to obtain. Because there are several counties named Johnson across the country, people were accessing information for different parts of the country online and it was causing confusion,” said Long.
The site is broken down into several well-organized sub pages; each containing detailed information about every aspect of voting and elections.
The homepage houses an interactive window that cycles through pertinent dates and links to additional information. Here, voters can click their way to a detailed schedule of upcoming election events such as qualifying deadlines for candidates as well as voter registration deadlines. They can also access information pertaining to Election Commission meetings, which are open to the public.
Also accessible on the homepage is a link that allows users to input their name and see whether or not they are registered to vote. The data will not only indicate whether or not a user is registered, but it also provides information about what precinct and exact location the user should be voting in. “Being able to go on and see if you’re registered and finding out your voting precinct will be really helpful. All of the maps are on there for each district, which will help people understand their precinct boundaries,” Long told The Tomahawk. Other links on the homepage include information for disabled voters as well at information about how voters can make clerical changes to their voter registration such as a change of address and even a link to a video demonstration of how to use the MicroVote Infinity voting machine.
Voters can also utilize to obtain information about candidates running for office in Johnson County as well as the results from past elections. Also available is a comprehensive list of all those that currently hold an office in Johnson County. The list contains everyone from the county and city mayors to the commissioners from every precinct.
The website isn’t only convenient for voters, it also provides all pertinent information to potential candidates such as the deadline to file petitions as well as the withdrawal deadline. Also available in the section geared toward candidates is a list of rules pertaining to campaigning as well as a list of requirements for holding office. After all petitions are finalized on April 3, there will be a list of candidates made available to the public through the website. is not only dedicated to providing current information, the site also contains voting statistics to as far back as 2006. The statistics show a detailed breakdown of the voting results by precinct and are a useful way to gain insight about how current officials obtained office.
Mike Long told The Tomahawk that the Election Commission will maintain and update the website as new information becomes available. “We are working on making our office very transparent,” said Long “and this website is a big step.”
To access the website, simply type the web address into the URL/address bar of your browser and you’ll be on your way to becoming an informed voter. For those that do not own a computer, they are available for use as the Johnson County Public Library. The Election Commission office, located at 158 Election Avenue in Mountain City, will remain open to answer your questions and concerns.