The Hills are alive with the sound of music!  Johnson County has always been known as a birthplace of Appalachian and folk music, but now a new song rings in the air.  The sound of brass, woodwinds, and drums will join those of guitars and banjos.
On October 17th a new group will be forming to play wind ensemble music.  The Johnson County Community Band will have its first rehearsal on that evening at 6:30pm.  Anyone who has a background in concert or marching band is welcome to join regardless of age.  The only requirement for wind players is their own instrument and a desire to play.
According to band manager, Scott Wilks, “Our purpose is to bring music to the community, to give adult musicians a chance to reconnect with their musical past, and to enrich our own high school band program.  We will begin rehearsing Christmas music with the goal of a mid-December concert.”
“I hadn’t played a brass instrument in 25 years.  I was amazed at how much came back to me and how much fun it was.  Connecting with other musicians confirmed that I wasn’t the only one with this desire.”
The band will have its first rehearsal on October 17th at the new arts center at 6:30.  All are welcome!