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Johnson Co. School Board honored

By Meg Dickens
Freelance Writer

Johnson County Schools has been earning a lot of kudos in the last few years. Other than several state board appointments that helped put the rural town on the map, Johnson County has also managed to not take substantial test score losses despite the nationwide learning loss related to the Covid-19 pandemic. On October 7, the Johnson County School Board once again earned the Board of Distinction Award.
Kevin Long, a regional director of the Tennessee School Board Association (TSBA), presented the award. Despite doing this several times through the TSBA, this specific presentation seemed to hit close to Long’s heart. This time it was for the board he serves on. According to Long, there are 141 boards, and only 23 receive the Board of Distinction. Out of these, Johnson County is one of the four chosen in Northeast Tennessee.
“This award is one of TSBA’s most prestigious awards,” Long explained while presenting the plaque. “As you know, the requirements are extensive, and not every board qualifies as a Board of Distinction.”
To qualify for this award, boards must excel in four categories: planning, policy, promotion, and board development. TSBA breaks these down further into a 15 item checklist that revolves around innovation and growth. The specific qualifications are available on the TSBA website.
Johnson County is no stranger to this award. The board receives this honor almost like clockwork, rarely missing the opportunity when it returns every two years. Its continued recognition is a point of pride for Johnson County.
“We appreciate that,” Chairman Howard Carlton said upon receiving the award. “The way that these come about, there are a lot of qualifications and a lot of things that our board has to do over the two years in between to get one of these awards. A lot of it is training and attending the meetings they have and showing different things while being evaluated by another board. As you can see, our board has been a Board of Distinction for quite a few years, which we’re very proud of.”
The Johnson County School Board meets on the second Thursday of each month at Central Office at 7 pm. The meetings are streamed live and available via archives on the Johnson County Schools TN Video YouTube channel.