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Johnathan Barrett achieves Eagle Scout status at age 15

By Bonnie Davis Guy
Boy Scout Troop #6 along with troop leader Terry Potter honored Johnathan Barrett with a dinner at the Butler Ruritan Club followed by the ceremony declaring him as an Eagle Scout. The honor of pinning on his Eagle Scout badge and kerchief went to Johnathan’s mother, Meleasa Barrett, who is a Boy Scout leader herself. Johnathan stood tall and proud as he took his Eagle Scout pledge and accepted his position. In attendance for the ceremony were members of the local Ruritan Club, the Barrett family including Johnathan’s father, David, mother Meleasa, older sister, Deanna, and younger sister, Lydia, as well as members and family members of Boy Scout Troop 6.
One of the most remarkable things about Johnathan is that he achieved Eagle Scout one week prior to his 15th birthday. Making him the youngest Scout of Troop 6 to ever achieve this level. Only seven percent of all Boy Scouts ever achieve the rank of Eagle Scout and the average age to accomplish this rank is 17 years old.
Why is it so hard to become an Eagle Scout? The answer is fairly complicated as is accomplishing all the ranks and badges to reach this goal. Beginning at 10 years old, you can become a Boy Scout. Then there are ranks that have to be reached as well as time requirements for each rank. The beginning rank is Tenderfoot, then Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, and finally Eagle Scout. A Scout must serve in the First Class level for at least four months before moving forward in rank. A Life Scout must serve as a Star Scout for at least six months before achieving the Life rank. And finally a Life Scout must serve for a minimum of six months before being nominated to the rank of Eagle Scout. While serving in the rank of Life Scout an Eagle Scout candidate must have served in a leadership role for at least six months. So the absolute minimum time a Scout could take to achieve these ranks is 16 months of active participation, but on average each level takes a couple of years.
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