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Jewell Mink retires after 35 years at the courthouse

By Paula Walter
Jewell Mink has been a part of the Johnson County Circuit Court office for the past 35 years. Mink, who recently retired, is still ironing out how she is going to spend her newly found leisure time and make the change from the working force to a slower pace of life.
When Mink started at the courthouse, she came in under Ruth Warren, the second circuit court clerk. At that time, cases in the criminal court were heard approximately every three months. “The amount of cases in criminal court has tripled in recent years,” said Mink. The office is responsible for the general and criminal sessions, juvenile and criminal courts.
According to Mink, when Carolyn Wilson Hawkins started as Circuit Court clerk, the changes were made from a manual system to a computerized one, making life at work a lot easier. “We didn’t have computers before then,” Mink recalled. “We had a docket book we had to write in.”
So far Mink hasn’t had time to contemplate what she will do with her spare time. “I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to think about it,” she said. “I’ve been canning since I got off.” She and her husband have a large vegetable garden that consumes a lot of their time and keeps them well fed.
Born and raised in Butler, Mink and her husband now live in the Neva area of Johnson County. She worked at the glove plant in Mountain City for four years while they were raising their five children.
Mink plans on staying busy, once canning season is over. They have six grandchildren and she enjoys spending time quilting. “I love to read,” she added. “I will also be available for my church more now.” She attends Locust Gap Baptist Church and is looking forward to having more time to volunteer for her church family. For the rest of the story, pick up a copy of this week's Tomahawk on sale now.