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JCMS newspaper staff covers mock bank robbery

This is the second year members of the Johnson County Middle School newspaper staff visited The Tomahawk. While last year we focused on the who, what, when, where and why of how to write an informative newspaper article, this year the five students were presented with a specific scenario. It was their job to ask questions regarding a fictitious bank robbery that occurred in their hometown. Their goal was to obtain enough information to write an article for the newspaper. Many thanks to all who volunteered to be the bank president, security officer, witness, teller and sheriff. It appeared that our volunteers and staff were having as much fun as the students.

By Timothy Grindstaff,
Olivia Scheirer,
Dillon Trivett, Robert Coffey,
and Ryan Bilodeau
A bank robbery in Mountain City, Tennessee? Yes, it’s true! At 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, December 4, three people wearing dark clothes robbed the Thom A. Hawk Community Bank. Ima Skeered, a bank customer, said they were forced to lie down on the floor. Then she heard a robber say “Give me your money!”
Bill Imincharge, president of the bank, does not know yet how much money was stolen. According to Mr. Imincharge, only one teller, Betty Robdus, gave money to the robbers. No one was hurt and there was no damage to the facilities. He guarantees the customers’ money is insured and no one will lose a penny as a result of this event.
Ben A. Snoozing was in his office at the time of the robbery, taking a nap. Mr. Snoozing is the security officer at the bank. “Betty Robdus frantically woke me up saying ‘We were just robbed!’” After reviewing the security footage from the cameras, Mr. Snoozing stated there were three robbers dressed in dark clothing, and they escaped in a yellow Volkswagen Beetle.
The sheriff, David Catchemall, would not give many details because of the investigation. He did say he had good information and feels confident the robbers will be caught and properly punished. They were armed with 9mm pistols. The community needs to be aware that these criminals are still on the loose and are armed and dangerous. Be on the lookout for three people described as follows: one heavy set white woman about 5’2”, one slim Hispanic male approximately 5’5”, and one black male approximately 6’ who is built like a football player. Again, they were seen leaving in a yellow Volkswagen Beetle.
The Thom A. Hawk Bank is open for business and assures the safety of all who visit the bank. This is the only bank robbery ever encountered in Mountain City and it is unlikely to happen again in the near future.