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JCHS graduation date set for May 18th

By Lacy Hilliard
The monthly meeting of the Johnson County School Board was called to order on Thursday, February 14. All members of the board were present.
After assuring there was no audience participation, the board turned their attention to Caroline Hurt, Director of Carter and Johnson County health departments. Hurt was in attendance to give a presentation about the flu vaccine program that was in effect district wide at the beginning of this school year. Hurt was pleased with the number of students that received a flu vaccine, stating that it amounted to over double the proposed number at the start of the program. She also informed the board that Johnson County had the highest number of participants in the vaccine program of all the other participating area schools.
Next the board moved to approve the consent agenda and Student School Board Member Jacob McGlamery gave his monthly report. McGlamery informed the board that mid-term reports were sent home on Wednesday, February 13.
Up next on the agenda was the proposed JCHS graduation date of May 18, 2013. The board moved to approve this date. After the approval of the graduation date, Director of School Morris Woodring proposed that March 28, which is currently scheduled as a full day of school, be changed to a half day. Woodring said that the principals are supportive of this change and that the state allows three half-days per year, which Johnson County has currently not utilized. Because the Presidents Day holiday was taken away due to snow days, Woodring and school staff felt this would be a nice way to thank students and staff for their hard work by allowing them to enjoy a half-day in the spring rather than the normal frigid snow days. The half-day on March 28 passed approval by the board and was added to the 2012-2013 calendar.
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